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If you have a question and need an answer, we are here to help! DropEngine LLC is focused on our members and fellow investors. If you would like to learn more or have a suggestion, please feel free to reach out and someone from our core team will reach out to you within 48 hours. 

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Domain Quality

The DropEngine algorithm targets primarily one, two and three word dot coms however there are exceptions made based on quality, keyword relevance, and resale probability. The algorithm is based on precisely measured end user behavior using historical metrics, sales, keyword volume and keyword paring as well as several proprietary methods of determining resale probability.

Public Domain Backorders

We do not currently offer a public backorder system using the DropEngine algorithm or native auction platform however, we do offer a complete list of pre-filtered and analyzed dropped domains to members of DropEngine after daily drops are completed. Our capture rates and volume are based on precision targeting and as a result, the capture queue must remain efficient in order to ensure quality captures and high capture rates. Our goal is to remove guess work and domain bias by exclusively targeting domains with a high probability of end user resale.

Domain Investor Auctions

DropEngine is not a registrar and as a result, we have to choose a platform that is not only highly visible to domain investors, but highly convenient. We currently use Godaddy* Public Auctions to offer our domain investor inventory to ensure fast delivery post payment and a popular resale platform while captured domains are still within the 60 day ICANN registration lock.

Domain Delivery

"Won" auctions are generally delivered to your Godaddy account within 1 hour of payment however exceptions may apply based on Godaddy's auction terms of service. If a manual account change is required, your won domain will be delivered to the Godaddy holding account within 24 hours and moved to your account within 5 days after payment. Payment must be completed within 14 days of the auction end date. Exceptions may be accepted up to 30 days after auction end date by reaching out to DropEngine Support.

Bulk Purchasing and Private Purchases

If you missed the deadline of an auction cycle or would like to purchase multiple domains at a reduced rate, we offer VIP pricing to members of In order to qualify for direct purchases the following conditions must be met:

  • You must be an approved and verified member of Membership is free however it will be reviewed manually prior to acceptance.
    Apply for memebership
  • The domain(s) you are interested in purchasing must not be in auction currently with a bid.
  • Bulk pricing is based on volume and not quality per our membership perks outlined in the Member Dashboard.
  • Individual purchase requests are priced at $75 and must be paid for within 24 hours of acceptance.

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We are always looking to grow and improve the investor experience. Please reach out to us with any comments, questions or suggestions and someone from our core team will respond within 48 hours!

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